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Revenge never sounded so sweet: When it comes to sales,
vinyl records are finally turning the tables on CDs.

Valuable Vinyl Records

The classic vinyl records are making an entry in music once again. Explore the most valuable vinyl records of your favourite artists. Listen to your favourite music with authentic feels and high sound quality.

Celebrate the history of vinyl records with a special collection for sale. Purchase the latest albums today to get your vinyl albums delivered at your home.

album cover art

Explore the best artistic designs on a bigger canvas to connect with the real emotions of the songs. Explore thousands of creative graffitis.

a record collection

Explore the best vinyl record collection online and learn about the history of the creation of these albums from experts.

Deramic Stereo Sound

Learn how deramic sound changed the way people heard music. How did deramic sound create recordings that had more natural spread?










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5 Tips For Collecting Vinyl Records

5 Tips For Collecting Vinyl Records

Did you get one of the 9 million vinyl records sold in the U.S. a year ago? In case you're among the numerous individuals who have rediscovered (or, for more youthful audience members, found) the enchantment of old-school collections, you might be keen on beginning an...

How Are Vinyl Records Made

How Are Vinyl Records Made

Acing the Tracks for Vinyl Pressing Acing specialists and performers cooperate to set up the music for vinyl squeezing. Artists will carry an advanced document to the acing engineers. These specific sound architects will upgrade the documents through a progression of...