From wall decorations to party centerpieces to decorative tables, old records have been the inspiration for countless craft projects. If you’ve got a box of records lying around in your attic, you might’ve thought about re-purposing them in your next sculpture or mixed media piece. For an extra personalized touch, you can replace the label in the center of the record with a design of your own. Add your name, a photograph, a drawing, a company’s logo–you can do anything with a handful of circle stickers and a little creativity. But how do you design the perfect logo, and where can you go to get your vision printed?

1. Design Your Logo in an Illustrator Program

Before you do anything else, you’ll have to settle on an image. Measure the size of the label on the record and create a circle of the same size in your favorite illustration program. From there, you can add whatever you want. Draw a picture, add a photograph, or stick with a single block of color–the options are limited. Just keep in mind that there’s going to be a circle punched out of the middle of the image, so be careful about where you place the text and illustrations. If you really want to get creative, try studying the labels on other records and replicate that as closely as possible so your creation looks like a real album.

2. Have Your Stickers Printed

Now it’s time to transfer your image onto a set of stickers. Order a set of custom vinyl circle stickers from Label Llama and have them shipped directly to your house. You can choose from a gloss or matte finish and select a custom size. Once your design is approved, the stickers will be printed in four days and shipped out as soon as possible.

3. Punch a Hole in the Middle of the Stickers

When you get your stickers in the mail, your project is almost complete! Line up the sticker with the center of the record and outline the hole on the back of the sticker with a pencil. Use a hole puncher to punch out the middle. Peel off the back label, then carefully line up the sticker with the label and place it over the original label. Press it slowly so you don’t form any creases or air bubbles. Now you’re done! You’ve successfully placed your own design on an old vinyl record and given it a new life.

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You can use your new record for just about anything: melt it down into a bowl, make it part of a table centerpiece, frame it and hang it on the wall, or make it part of a mixed media project. Your friends will be so impressed with your custom record that they’ll probably ask you to make one of their own. You can start your own crafting business, or simply direct them to Label Llama and tell them they can purchase their own stickers there.